The LegacyPlan™

The maintenance, renewal and enhancement program for your Estate Plan.

Life will never stand still –

A quality Estate Plan can last for generations. Our annual LegacyPlan™ is an easy and cost-effective way to keep your estate organized and your Estate Plan up to date.

A quality Estate Plan should be —

  • thoughtfully maintained,
  • dependably renewed, and
  • lovingly enhanced.

As a LegacyPlan Member, you are entitled to ongoing updates and services, like these  —

  • Changes and amendments to your Estate Plan, with no fee.
  • Attorney meetings and consultations, with no fee.
  • Estate organization services, with no fee.

With LegacyPlan, your vital estate planning documents will never become stale or out of date. For a low annual fee, you’ll receive a full array of benefits, designed to keep your estate plan current with your life!

For our clients who desire a legacy of quality estate planning, we offer the LegacyPlan™ – our annual maintenance, renewal and enhancement program.

  • LegacyPlan memberships are affordable.
  • Your LegacyPlan services are completed with no fee.
  • The LegacyPlan makes it easy to maintain a highly efficient and highly personalized Estate Plan.
  • The LegacyPlan is your assurance that you and your family will always enjoy the many benefits of a loving, effective and trouble-free estate.

As a LegacyPlan Member, you will –

~ Keep Your Estate Plan Fresh with Regular Renewals and Updates

Your annual membership entitles you to trust amendments and other updates, with no fee.

  • Unlimited basic Trust Amendments, for changing trustees, adding or deleting gifts, and other important updates.
  • Each year, one specially drafted Trust Amendment, or Legacy Enhancement, with no fee.
  • A complete restatement of your Living Trust, every 3 years, with no fee.
  • Each year, either a renewal of your Power of Attorney or a renewal of your Essential Medical Documents, with no fee.
  • Unlimited updates to your LegacyPlan CD, containing a certified, electronic copy of your entire Estate Plan.
  • Online access 24/7 to your Essential Medical Documents and other emergency information (through DocuBank), with no fee.

~ Consult with Your Attorney about Estate-Related Issues

LegacyPlan Members may receive up to two hours annually for attorney review and consultation, with no fee.  Use your free time for:

  • Estate Review Meetings
  • Telephone consultations
  • Family Meetings at your attorney’s office
  • Design Review Meetings for you, your attorney, your CPA and financial advisor

~ Stay Organized With Help From Your Paralegal

Your annual membership gives you three hours annually of paralegal services, with no fee.  Use your free time to:

  • Transfer all existing assets or new assets into your Living Trust
  • Maintain and update your Inventory of Estate Assets
  • Assist with Legacy Enhancements, such as Ethical Wills, your Statement of Values, Pet Trusts, special nominations, planned giving, and more
  • Maintain and update your Legacy Data Organizer, to provide your loved-ones and fiduciaries with pin numbers, passwords and other critical information
  • Maintain and update your Personal Property Memorandum, for the orderly distribution of your heirlooms, artwork and other special belongings

~ Stay Informed With Our Special Events and Services

As a LegacyPlan Member, we’ll keep you engaged and informed through:

  • Client Appreciation Day – our annual party for LegacyPlan Members and their families
  • Exclusive educational presentations for LegacyPlan Member
  • A subscription to our quarterly newsletter, The Wealth Advisor, giving you timely new information affecting your Estate Plan
  • Your annual Estate Review Folder, providing an updated summary of your entire Estate Plan

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