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How to Fix the Home Transfer Tax Trap!

In my last blog, I talked about the Home Transfer Tax Trap. Sometimes, when people try to save their homes from Medi-Cal estate recovery claims, they just make matters worse, because they do not think through the estate tax and … Continue reading

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Joint Tenancy and Its Limitations

Do you know how you “hold title” to your assets? For real estate, you can find out by looking at your Grant Deed. Often I find that married couples hold title as Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship (JTWROS) as … Continue reading

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Reverse Mortgage and Estate Planning

For many of our clients, the family home is their largest single asset. This has not changed, even after the housing bubble burst nearly four years ago. I will allow my older clients to consider a reverse mortgage, but only … Continue reading

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Funding Your Trust: Grant Deeds

One of your biggest assets is most likely your home and other real estate properties. In order that these properties be “funded” into your Living Trust, you must create, sign and notarize, and record a new Grant Deed. In our … Continue reading

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Can You Refinance a Home That’s in a Living Trust?

I’ve been asked several times if placing a home or other real estate into a Living Trust will prevent the owner from refinancing the property. The answer is: No! However, when it’s time to do your re-fi, you’ll want to … Continue reading

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When To Hire A Lawyer For Your Will and Living Trust

When does it make sense to hire an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning? Here are some instances: You have a taxable estate (greater than $1 million, as of January 1, 2011). You have minor children and want to provide … Continue reading

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Real Estate Investment and Estate Planning

Real estate investments are often the centerpiece of family wealth.  Real estate is an appreciating asset that permits us to be sure that money stays in the family and that it will grow over time. Despite the year-to-year ups and … Continue reading

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